There are some other reasons why pipes and drainages are being clogged by a lot of stuff. These are some of the uncommon things that we don’t know that they can possibly blocked or make the pipes clogged. Drainage unblocking could be done in some simple ways and steps. Different people could have different procedures and solution but these ways that we will talk about are some of those that can be done easily.  

Here is the list that could possibly you don’t know by now that they can cause blockage to your drainage in the future. 

  1. PLANTS AND LEAVES: It is very unusual for people to put plants intentionally to their pipes and sinks or even toilets. But these be possible from those leaves falling down because they are already dry. This is also ordinary to those who have garden in their houses. Especially that your country is composed of four seasons. Spring and Autumn seasons could let the leaves fall from their trees and branches. It is necessary that you maintain the cleanliness of your garden so that it won’t stuck the pipes or any other drainage there. You can also make sure that they are well-watered so that the trees or plants won’t dry easily.  


  1. STRONG WEATHER LIKE STRONG RAIN AND STORMY WEATHER:  Most of the people will experience bad weather in their countries and cities. It is a reminder for everyone that they should keep their drainage clean as the heavy rainfall can keep the water flowing from different drainage in the city. Some of the drainage can be broken during this kind of serious weather. Floods can cause this to your pipes or drainage. To make the situation worst, if there are many garbage flowing with the water rain on your street. This could totally cause clogged and blocked the way of the water resulting to serious floods. So, before it gets serious maintain the cleanliness of your drainage because if not, you would definitely ask help from professional plumbers.  


  1. BROKEN AND DAMAGE PIPES: There are several reasons why pipes leaked and broken or damaged. It could be because it is made of plastic and it becomes brittle after the years passed by. It could also be about the roots of the tree. To prevent this from happening, as early as possible if you have notice something wrong try to solve it and look for the possible cause of this problem. This will help you from experiencing so much trouble. You can ask and call a person that is very good at looking at this kind of problem. If there is really a problem with the pipes or damaged, you should replace it immediately.  


  1. NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED: If you think that there is nothing wrong with your pipe because you are not throwing anything on it. Probably, the cause of this is wrong installation of the drainage or pipes. One simple mistake could cause a lot of trouble.